Vox Reducer Plug-In


The VoxReducer II audio unit is designed to reduce the level of the main vocal track in a stereo music audio file. VoxReducer II includes four factory presets designed for different musical genres. These include Jazz, Light Rock, Hard Rock, and Metal. voxReducer II has been updated with a graphical user interface for easily targeting and reducing the vocal frequencies.


  • Apple Intel Core 2 duo running Mac OS 10.x
  • One GB RAM (Minimum)
  • Audio Units host application
    (Garage Band 5.0 or later , Sound Studio 3, Rax, Logic (7.2 or later), AU Lab, Audio Unit Hosting, and others.)
  • Source audio files MUST be stereo files.
  • Note: voxReducer II will reduce a good amount of the lead vocal track, however, due to stereo effects processing on the vocal track during recording, the vocal track cannot be removed completely.


    • Vox Reducer Plug-In – Latest
      • Requirements
        • Mac OS 10.9 or higher
        • Audio Unit Host application
          • Garage Band 10, Logic, and more
        • Download
      • Vox Reducer Plug-In for OS 10.5
    • Key code is: vr301cv93510

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