Track & Bill – iOS

Track and Bill BTS is a simple solution to project tracking and billing. Allowing the user to track time, travel, and expenses for each of your clients projects. The app makes it easy to create invoices and export CSV files for spreadsheet display. The real time travel logging feature tracks your travel in miles and or kilometers!

– Multiple Clients, Projects, and Project Sessions
– Travel/Milage Tracking
– User Profile
– Easy Invoicing
– Invoice styles and background images
– Session Editing
– Export to CSV for spreadsheet display
– Print and Email PDF Invoices
– Session Notes and Materials tracking



Session Detail

Milage Tracking

Invoice Edit

PDF Invoice sample

(You can also add a custom background)

CSV Export Sample

(Open CSV in spreadsheet application)

Please note: Track & Bill data exists only on the user’s device. Please remember to BACKUP YOUR DATA using the App’s “Export” feature to safeguard your data. Track & Bill is not responsible for any data loss.