VoxReducer iOS

VoxReducer is an iOS device audio processing app that reduces the level of the main vocal in a stereo music track selected from your iTunes library. Using the target frequency, bandwidth, and intensity settings, the user can “dial in” the current vocal frequency and bandwidth, then add the right amount of vocal reduction. VoxReducer includes four factory presets, as well as custom user presets.


  • iPhone, iTouch, or iPad running iOS version 7.0 and above
  • (select VoxReducer version 1.1 for iOs 4.x and version 1.2 for iOs 5.0)
  • Source audio files MUST be stereo files.
  • Source audio files MUST be MPEG-4 format(.m4a)
  • Source audio files MUST be stored locally on your device. Songs selected from the Cloud are not supported.
  • Note: voxReducer II will reduce a good amount of the lead vocal track, however, due to stereo effects processing on the vocal track during recording and other factors, the vocal track cannot be removed completely.




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