Bass Path Plug-In Help



  • Mac OS 10.4
  • BassPath plug-in has been developed and tested on a G5 PowerPC. We cannot guarantee that this product will work on your system!
  • Garage Band (3.0 or later recommended) , Sound Studio 3, Rax, Logic (7.2 or later), AU Lab, Audio Unit Hosting, and others.


  • Start your audio host application (Garage Band, etc…)
  • Select “bassPath” from the Audio-Unit Effects list.
  • Select a factory preset for your stereo music file, our use the default preset.
  • 1. Input Gain – Audio level input.
    2. Dirt – An overdrive/distortion gain stage.
    3. Limit – Limiter with gain reduction meter.
    4. Cabinet – Direct to Cabinet mix.
    5. Cabinet Type – Cabinet type selector.
    6. Low EQ Set – Low EQ threshold.
    7. High EQ Set – High EQ threshold.
    8. Low/Mid/High EQ Level – Low EQ (set level for frequencies below the Low EQ threshold) – Mid EQ(set level for frequencies between the Low and High EQ thresholds) – High EQ (set level for frequencies above the High EQ threshold).
    9. Chorus Time – Chorus delay time in seconds.
    10. Chorus Rate – Chorus LFO Rate.
    11. Chorus Mix – Dry/Wet chorus mix.
    12. Delay Time – Delay time in seconds.
    13. Delay Mix – Dry/Wet delay mix.
    14. Bypass – Unit bypass
    15. Display – Settings display for all knobs and sliders. A single click on a control will display the current setting.

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